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About RealEstateDoc
Real Estate Doc is the ERP extension for space and lease management platform for commercial and retail businesses.
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Real Estate Doc is the ERP extension for space and lease management platform for commercial and retail businesses. We streamline sales turnaround time by up to 80%, drive lease occupancy business flow through automation, and provide real-time business analytics for insightful decision making.

Our Mission is to
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RED reduces your sales business cycle by up to 80%. Streamline repetitive administrative businesses processes and make work meaningful for your team. By freeing up valuable time and human resources to be dedicated for client engagement and value added work.
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RED automates your business flow to through smart data management. Providing full transparency and control throughout your entire contract cycle.
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RED help our clients mitigate expensive contract disputes and paper-based fraud through supreme transaction traceability and authentication on RED's immutable audit trail.
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RED provide real-time business intelligence and reports to help our clients make the right decisions to grow their business
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How Real Estate Doc Works
At RED, we do the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. Built on blockchain technology, RED directly connects property owners, commercial managers, tenants, and vendors in the commercial leasing ecosystem anywhere in the world.
How RED Works
Make that Deal Digitally!

With relevant parties granted permissioned access to the same document, record duplication is eliminated. Time is saved when you no longer need to hunt for physical records. Space and money is also saved on physical document storage, courier services, manpower and more.

With the RED Document Engine, every aspect of your commercial property transaction is done online; including planning and management of your assets. You can check on any available leasing spaces on its leasing schedule mapped out in calendar form, updated in real time. You no longer have to rely on the traditional way of using an excel sheet for recording

How RED Works
Optimize Your Commercial Assets

Keep up to date on your business performance and transaction progress with RED’s dashboard. Our system keeps a record of data like contract values and expected payment schedules in an organised manner on an easy-to-use dashboard.

Make use of RED’s customer analytics to improve your business performance. You can also benchmark your real-time record of transactions and activities against productivity benchmarks.

RED’s system is akin to having a LIVE master calendar that automatically updates all your leases in real time.

How RED Works
Plug and Play into Any System

RED is an API-driven application that offers easy connectivity to communicate with multiple systems - even with clunky backend systems like SAP

Designed with an attractive and intuitive graphical user interface, RED shortens the learning curve for your employees.

Users will also enjoy its ease of pulling and pushing key information from the system.

How RED Works
Simplify Tenant Due Diligence Process

Delight in the ease of searching for tenants with a platform that uses an algorithm to match compatible retail spaces with potential businesses. Drive compatible tenants to the right locations with ease.

With our robust Know Your Customer (KYC) records on the blockchain, you can easily access and assess your tenants’ credentials.

How RED Works
Secure Integrated Payments at Lower Fees

Be assured of safe payment procedures that allow for integrated payments with your choice of payment partners. We work with banks to integrate digital currency payments, hence removing the need for vendors or tenants converting unknown cryptocurrencies to fiat.

Avoid the high transaction fees charged by credit cards or other electronic payment gateways.