About Us
RealEstateDoc is a Cloud-based Digital Real Estate Sales Tool with a sole purpose to simplify Real Estate Documentation, Processes and Payments on to a Single Platform.

Document Management and E-Signing

RealEstateDoc is a cloud-based tool that speeds up and improves real estate deal closure rates! Real estate professionals can now create contracts and invite the relevant parties to sign electronically with ease! With our cloud-based digital document management system, you can upload, store and retrieve your documents anytime.

Integrated Payments Processing

Say goodbye to cheques! Once a deal is signed, real estate professionals and companies can now invite their clients to make payment for services rendered electronically. Payments can be made through credit card or bank transfer.

Business Analytics

RealEstateDoc’s intelligent interface captures relevant information and data when in use. This eliminates the need for real estate professionals and companies to perform manual transfer of information for business analytics and contract records.

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