At the heart of RED is a next-generation real estate application that redefines commercial real estate business and transactions. Leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, we aim to eliminate costs and inefficiencies in the real estate ecosystem. This is done through our decentralised token system, backed by transparent and secured processes, speedy approvals, real-time recordings of transactions and more.

With our RED app, you can easily manage every aspect of your commercial property leasing transactions in one place. Using RED also helps your business to enjoy benefits like time savings, lower transaction costs and reduced fraud. This only means increased business revenue for commercial real estate businesses.

Ultimately our vision is for RED to become a versatile blockchain protocol and business application where real estate companies can conduct leasing transactions of any commercial real estate space.

How RED Blockchain technology works
First pioneered by BitCoin, Blockchain is a decentralised and distributed digital ledger that records transactions into blocks. The keyword here is “distributed”. This means the information contained in each block is linked to all the blocks on the network, hence the chain in “blockchain”.
Secured and Immutable
Blockchains are publicly accessible ledgers, but the identities of each party cannot be resolved due to the encryption properties of the system. This protects the identity of each user while minimising abuse. Data stored in the blockchain is permanent and unalterable once it enters the ledger. Due to the distributed and immutable nature of the blockchain, plus the need for cryptographic puzzle solving, transactions here are highly secure.
Distributed and Democratised
Do away with traditional independent and centralised servers that operate in silos. With RED, all nodes within a blockchain have to validate the transaction using known algorithms before it is approved. This prevents any consolidation of power by any one authority. RED connects everyone across different countries and different servers as the information is available on a cloud system.
Time Stamped
Every transaction is date-stamped and time-stamped when it is recorded in a hash function.
Once a new block is verified and combined with other transactions to create a new block of data for the ledger, it is added to the existing blockchain. This prevents any manual tampering re-ordering of tasks.
RED Benefits
Real estate companies often face lengthy transaction processes, extensive manual work, lack of transparency, potential contract fraud, and high costs involved in dealing with external parties. With RED’s blockchain technology, you can enjoy these benefits over the traditional real estate systems:
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Founder & CEO
Tran Mai
Co-Founder & CTO
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Co-Founder & COO
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Akomba Labs, Blockchain Advisor
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between RED and traditional real estate leasing processes?
Unlike traditional real estate leasing processes, RED uses blockchain technology to create digital smart contracts. By using a decentralized ledger system, RED is able to reduce the transaction time and speed up workflow.
Contracts are uploaded and stored online which makes it easier to monitor and track the progress of signature collection. By using RED, landlords will also be able to get signatures from vendors immediately. unlike traditionally where physical documents have to be couriered back and forth for amendments and confirmation. With RED, your deals can be done almost instantly.
How much time can my company save using RED for its commercial leasing processes?
By using RED commercial leasing platform, your company will be able to save up to 44 man-hours annually. These man-hours can be reallocated into more productive tasks like driving sales in commercial leasing
What advantages can I enjoy with RED?
With RED, you can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Increase occupancy and foot flow
  • Streamline work processes
  • Secure and immutable transactions
  • Reduce tedious due diligence
Email us at sales@realestatedoc.co to fix an appointment with our consultant to find out how your commercial real estate company can enjoy these advantages.
How much lead time do I need to implement RED in my commercial real estate business?
The beauty of the RED system is that it is modular and compatible with current SAP systems. Depending on your current system, it takes the team at RED typically between 1 week to a month to integrate our platform with yours.
Why should I use a blockchain system for transactions? Isn’t it more risky?
You should exactly because it will reduce risk. Blockchain technology allows for systems to be transparent, secure and transactional. As it will be placed on a decentralised ledger, your data will be immutable - which means that it will be traced and recorded on the blockchain. Unlike traditional methods of recording information on a spreadsheet, your data will be stored in the cloud and cannot be hacked by external parties.
How secure is the blockchain system from being hacked?
Blockchain technology places data on a decentralised ledger. To put it simply, this means pieces of information are stored in different parts of the blockchain network. With your data being compartmentalised, it will be more difficult for hackers to find and piece together this information.
That said, no technology is hack-proof. The blockchain will be your best bet against hackers and other unwanted attacks.
Do I need to know about blockchain technology to use RED?
Absolutely not. RED is a commercial leasing platform. As a landlord, all you need to know is that with RED commercial leasing is about to get a whole lot easier for your company. This will save you manhours which can be channelled into more productive task. With RED, we will take care of all the mundane and adminstrative task like delivery of contracts, signature collection and storage of documents. On the plus side, you will be able to have a clean overview of all your leases and this will help you to make smarter and faster decisions to optimise your space.
Do I still require legal services when I use RED?
Yes you do. RED is purely a commercial real estate leasing platform where we help developers and landlords with their lease and space management. We will advise for you to seek legal advice for your corporate documents.
Where is the information of my contracts stored?