5 Digital Contract Platforms That Saves You Time

Digital contracts are revolutionising the legal industry. Less are the days where you needed to hire a same day courier to ferry documents from organisations to organisations to collect signatures. These days, it’s as simply as drawing up a contract online and getting digital signatures for the relevant stakeholders. This not only saves manpower hours but also reduces the chances of human error like misplacement of documents and miscommunication.

With the age of digital transformation, there are many options of companies to use to get their documents formalised online. There are even free options that smaller companies can make use of! That said, we not endorse using generic templates for your company contracts. Depending on the intangible value of the contract, it is still prudent to hire a lawyer to draft out the initial contract to safeguard your interest. However, subsequent transactions can be done online.

5 Digital Contract Software Companies


1. Real Estate Doc

Real Estate Doc is a blockchain empowered digital contract platform especially built for the commercial real estate industry. Leasing transactions between landlords and tenants occurs on a daily basis, especially for huge developers with multiple malls to manage. Real Estate Doc helps to facilitate the collection of signatures between tenants and landlords online and drastically reduces the amount of time wasted getting the tenancy agreement from lessor to tenor.  If you are a property manager, Real Estate Doc is a fantastic platform for you to house your contracts all in one place.

Website: www.realestatedoc.co

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2. Conga Contracts Contract Management 

Conga Contracts is a hybrid contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution that helps organizations to generate, track, maintain and report on different business contracts. The solution can either be deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud by using AI technology. A Colorado based company, it mainly operates in the UK and Australia.

Website: https://getconga.com/


3. eSign Live

eSignLive by VASCO is an electronic signature solution that is available in the cloud or on-premise and allows you to get signature from anywhere in the world. The solution enables users to secure access, manage identities, verify transactions and protect assets across financial, enterprise, e-commerce, government and healthcare markets. It’s risk-free eSignature is employed by trusted organisation like IBM.

Website: https://www.esignlive.com/

4. ContracRoom

Contract Room is content management solution that helps finance, human resource, operations and legal departments to capture documents and process images.

Website: https://www.contractroom.com/


5. ContractWorks

ContractWorks is a contract management solution designed to address the approval, tracking, and management of contracts.

Website: https://www.contractworks.com/



e-Signatures has become a favourable tool by organisations due to the fact that with an online trail, especially on a decentralised ledger system. It becomes traceable and immutable – and risk of fraud is greatly reduced. This makes a company and its stakeholders accountable. Many industries have already hopped onto the e-contracts train, so why shouldn’t the real estate industry.

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