5 Space Management Platform Realtors Should Use

Using excel spreadsheet to manage space in properties has become a thing of the past. Digital transformation has radically changed how property managers optimise their space and concurrently saving them time through smart analytics and allowing them to digitally visualise space. If you are feeling the pain and frustration to make good decisions with your space, we have compiled a list of platforms that you can use to better manage your space.

1. Real Estate Doc

Real Estate Doc is a one-stop platform for commercial real estate developers. RED helps property managers easily have an overview of their leasing assets and drive more footfall to their malls with higher quality tenants.

Website: www.realestatedoc.co

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2. 360Workplace for Commercial Real Estate

360Workplace functions as a suite of systems (offering facility maintenance management, space management, construction project software, and lease administration) for those looking to manage real estate.

Website: https://www.accruent.com/


3. Buildium Property Management Software

Buildium’s software tackles accounting, business operations and leasing. Buildium also offers a resident portal for processing maintenance request and payments, an application system where you can accept rental applications, run tenant screenings, and store documents in the cloud.

Website: https://learn.buildium.com/


4. Planon Real Estate Management

Planon Real Estate Management is intended for medium, large, and global businesses looking to organize their data in a more structured and helpful manner.

Website: http://planonsoftware.com


5. Property Operations Workspeed

This real estate management solution handles a variety of aspects essential to maintaining multiple properties.

Website: https://www.mrisoftware.com/


Space management in malls does not have to be a tedious task. While the competition with online vendors start to stiffen, it’s crucial for property managers to shift their focus on driving footfalls to their malls via offline methods through events and other type of social engagements. In this age of digital, we can perform better analytics on space management via automated data visualization and make work more meaningful.
Website: www.realestatedoc.co

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