Mr Gaurang Torvekar has joined Real Estate Doc as Blockchain Advisor.

Gaurang Torvekar
CEO, Indorse 
Blockchain Advisor

We are pleased to announce that Mr Gaurang Torvekar (link:  from Indorse has joined Real Estate Doc as a Blockchain Advisor.


Gaurang is the Co-Founder and CEO of Indorse, a decentralised skills validation platform. He has been involved in the blockchain field for the past 2.5 years and is regarded as one of the thought leaders in the blockchain space in South East Asia. Coined the “disrupter of Linkedin”, he and his team successfully raised over USD 9M in their ICO in 2017.


With his technical expertise, he is passionate about helping Real Estate Doc in understanding the technical nuances. He feels that Real Estate Doc is changing an age-old industry of real estate. In real estate, things have been done the same way in last 20 – 30 years. With Blockchain technology (, this entire industry can be disrupted.


He says that by using the Ethereum 721 standards, Real Estate Doc is in the position to leapfrog the entire industry and create truly meaningful innovation. Currently, there are many unfulfilled gaps between the different stakeholders in the commercial real estate industry among the agents, lessors and tenants. With blockchain technology, property owners can bridge that gap and reduce many inefficiencies present today.




About Real Estate Doc: Real Estate Doc ( will set the next standard for real estate technology for commercial real estate leasing. As a versatile blockchain protocol and real estate business application, real estate companies will effortlessly be able to manage their businesses without the tedium of administration, through self-executing functions provided by customised business logic. Our data-driven platform will enrich real estate businesses through business analytics, KYC risk management and online business development capabilities.

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