How Blockchain Can Smoothen Security Deposit Processes For Real Estate Transactions

Introduction Transactions within the real estate industry are still heavily paper-based and done manually with the involvement of multiple intermediaries. This results in high expenses that are incurred by the parties involved. The manual process also takes up much time, with the paper documents having to be couriered to and fro between the parties for

Mr Gaurang Torvekar has joined Real Estate Doc as Blockchain Advisor.

Gaurang Torvekar CEO, Indorse  Blockchain Advisor We are pleased to announce that Mr Gaurang Torvekar (link:  from Indorse has joined Real Estate Doc as a Blockchain Advisor.   Gaurang is the Co-Founder and CEO of Indorse, a decentralised skills validation platform. He has been involved in the blockchain field for the past 2.5 years and

Mr David Moskowitz , has joined Real Estate Doc as Advisor

David Moskowitz  Indorse  Blockchain Advisor David is the Director and Co-Founder of Indorse, a decentralised skills validation platform. David is definitely no stranger to the blockchain space, having successfully founded a Bitcoin exchange, Coin Republic, in 2013 and successfully selling it in 2015.  David is also an active member of the blockchain community in Singapore.

Releases Blockchain Demo (Stage 1) for Commercial Leasing is pleased to announce the release of our Blockchain Demo (Stage 01) for commercial leasing.
This shows a sample digital contract creation with digital signing while capturing the actions on the contract through an audit trail.
Our team has also designed how proof-of-existence should look like for commercial leasing contracts to allow for easy commercialisation of