Real Estate Technology for Real Estate Professionals in Singapore.
RealEstateDoc is a Digital Real Estate Sales Tool with a sole purpose to simplify Real Estate Documentation, Processes and Payments on to a Single Platform.
How it works
What do we like so much about RealEstateDoc ?

Save Time and Money
Saving you travelling time and money by Signing your Real Estate documentation and contracts instantly and legally with the signing platform!
It also allows Real Estate Professionals to respond instantaneously to sales closing opportunities, with remote signing capabilities orchestrated by the Real Estate Professional, saving travelling time and paperwork.
Safe and Secure
RealEstateDoc allows Real Estate Professionals to execute their contracts quickly and seamlessly.
It allows remote signing of real estate documents and contracts between parties through a secure encrypted digital interface, which is safe and legal.
Simple and Easy
Real estate paperwork simplified! You can now close your real estate deals with ease!
Simply Create, Sign and Manage your real estate contracts through the platform seamlessly.
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